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Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq – 98870090

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Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq – Call Now – 98870090

A shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq is one of the best shipping companies where it provides all its customers with multiple options to ship all their goods through the oceans, especially from Kuwait to Iraq through various shipping services, whether direct or integrated.

Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq - 66882143

Shipping services

One of the oldest and most important types of shipping in the world is shipping where all kinds of cargo has been transported by ship since ancient times, and the process of shipping has been developed to the present by increasing the size of ships and increasing their capacity to accommodate goods in addition to their maximum speed in shipping goods from one place to another, as a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq offers multiple-shipping services, including

  • Full container or so-called FCL.
  • Partial shipping is only any part of the container and is also called LCL.
  • Shipping goods in custom containers.
  • Shipped by class ships or so-called RoRo.
  • Goods called “Break Bulk” can also be transported.
  • Oil and its derivatives can be shipped.
  • In addition to shipping livestock.
  • A dedicated ferry freight service is also available for passenger transport.

There are also other services, including

  • Cargo from the ship itself to the wharf.
  • Shipping goods from the specialized customs clearance area and shipping goods to that area.
  • Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq

The role of the shipping company

The role of the shipping company depends not only on the transport of goods but also provides a variety of services to its customers where it takes care of many things, including

  • Follow the shipment’s route from its launch to arrival.
  • Secure the goods to ensure proper delivery to customers.
  • Manage all arrangements and matters necessary to prepare the documentation procedures for containers.
  • It also plays its role in overseeing the goods.
  • Follow up all operations at the port.

In addition, a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq is interested in transporting all goods to and from Iraq, whether food, whether food, including shipments that are resistant to damage or quickly damaged, is one of the strongest shipping companies that transport the two countries in any way in addition to any time.

Shipping Procedures – Call Now

The shipment is carried out in a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq depending on the type of goods transported, where the quality of the trailers varies depending on the type of goods and the goods.

  • Flat and low-cut trailers.
  • Refrigerated trailers.
  • Trailer with tanks with walls dedicated to transporting all goods.
  • Equipment is also available for transporting and lifting materials, especially building materials, including cranes and vehicles.

Transport procedures are also carried out in specific steps that must be made to complete the shipment process, including documents for the export process so that there are no problems or any delay of the shipment and the steps that must be adhered to are

  • Making a request for shipment: Cargo officers work by applying to the ship’s agent located in the port of shipment, and it is necessary to ensure that all the cargo data as well as the proof of the policy for the shipment are attached to it.
  • Making permission for the shipment process: After receiving the request for the shipment, the ship’s agent, the paper and the accompanying documents, work with permission to the captain of the ship to be completed, and then the first officer of the ship makes a visa on the ear for the receipt of the cargo to be shipped.
  • Making a policy for the shipping process: The shipping policy is a receipt signed by the freight carrier or its agent during the delivery of the shipment to the crew, it serves as a guide in which it writes all the conditions under which the shipment of goods is carried out and one of the most important advantages of the shipping policy is
  • It is considered a special title deed for goods shipped on the ship.
  • A written receipt as a guide and proof of the shipping agreement and its terms.
  • A means of securing the goods in case of any problem while shipping the goods.


The number of the cargo process, the name of the cargo owner and the name of the recipient, as well as the name of the ship that is carrying out the cargo and the port from which it was shipped, in addition to the port where the cargo will be unloaded and delivered, all the data for the shipment is recorded, whether the size or weight of the cargo, the date of transport of the cargo and the ore of the ship, as well as the signature of the ship’s captain or on his behalf.

The most important types of insurance policy for the shipment

There is an insurance policy that writes that the goods are shipped or shipped Board B/L. In addition to a policy on which the goods are written for shipment or called Received For Shipment B/L. There is also an insurance policy with goods that are recharged or called Direct B/L or Through B/L. Data and documents for the export process, and the most important documents required in the shipment process are the commercial invoice of the sources, the certificate of insurance, the statement of an account and other documents necessary to complete the shipment.

The cost of the shipping of a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq

Cost is one of the most important characteristics of shipping as it is distinguished from other types of shipping, whether air or land freight, its low costs despite its high insurance expenses due to the length of the transport period of goods, which entails an increase in the insurance period for the goods, although the total cost expenses do not in any way match the total cost of any other type of freight.

As for the load and sorrows allowed to be shipped by shipping, shipping has high elasticity with the size or weight of any load, so all importers and exporters resort to it in case that their cargo is huge and this also distinguishes shipping from other types of shipping, especially air freight, where large and heavy metals can be transported by sea freight in addition to large movable projects such as museums and exhibitions. (Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq)


Shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq

Advantages and disadvantages of shipping a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq

Shipping features

One of the most important advantages of shipping is that it distinguishes it from other types of shipping and attracts all exporters and importers are

  • It is safe and secure in the face of theft.
  • The low shipping costs are attributable to all other types of shipping.
  • Its ability to absorb a large load of goods and all movable projects, which is one of the most important points that distinguishes it from other shipping methods as it is unique.
  • The expansion of the storage area of the goods transported and the absorption of any type and the largest types of goods.
  • Trailers for goods are equipped according to the type of goods being transported.

In the end, we explain that a shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq is one of the most important shipping companies that take care of all the procedures and safety of transport and follow all means of safety and routine procedures necessary to ensure the peace of arrival of the goods, whether from or to kuwait and Iraq, as well as to deliver goods to customers at their nearest place.

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