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Dry Cargo Cargo Company – Call Now – 98870090

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Dry Cargo Cargo Company – Call Now – 98870090

Dry cargo company works to provide all kinds of different shipping services, from land, air, sea and many other services, at the best prices and work to satisfy all customers

Provide the most appropriate ways and solutions to them, and always work to their comfort.

Dry Cargo Cargo CompanyDry cargo shipping company

Dry cargo company is considered one of the best shipping companies, through which you can choose the right shipping method for you whether it is land, sea, air, door-to-door, special purpose shipping service or

Service transporting equipment whether heavy or light, furniture of all kinds and commercial transportation and other different shipping services, the company provides the best prices and is considered prices

Competitive compared to other companies, the company is always keen to win the trust of its valued customers and provide the best level of service and the highest level of security for all goods and ship them in safe ways

Completely so that it is not damaged or damaged.

A dry cargo cargo company that has experienced models for several years in the field of shipping and specialists to meet all customer requirements, and 24-hour customer service we work to respond to all

Inquiries, provide the best solutions and work to help customers choose the most suitable way to ship at the lowest possible price, the company is characterized by transparency in dealing and credibility and not to impose additional costs or fees

In addition to the actual cost of shipping, it is also characterized by its commitment to the dates agreed upon without delay or delay.

It also features a dry cargo shipping company, it performs same-day delivery and shipping service, as well as the company performs all customs clearance procedures for goods because of its long experience in this field and through

Strengthening its relationship with customs and with the largest Arab shipping airlines, and the world’s oldest airline, which works to rid the procedures with ease and ease, the company always aims to provide all

Its services are integrated and the company should always be in the forefront and be the best choice for all customers to provide all shipping services and provide logistics services and all the solutions and consulting necessary for all methods

Different shipping for all kinds of goods.

Ways to ship goods

The methods of shipping goods vary and also the different types of containers, and the container is a rectangular room that is manufactured of iron, and the different weights are loaded inside it, and are lifted on ships and so

For shipping or transported by truck if it is to be sent by land freight, the container is one of the most important tools required to ensure the safety, preservation and safe shipment of goods.


There are many companies that use containers in many different ways, so a company shipping dry goods is used by special projects that are created, deserts, extreme cities, such projects as well.

For exploration and drilling, they make a lining of the container made of several materials including wooden materials and insulating materials, and are completely changed and prepared for living through the coating to become the walls of houses and are put

Basic purposes of living, furniture and all the necessities of the house for the possibility of living within it without suffering.

Division of shipping containers

Shipping containers are divided into several types, the most important of which are:

  • Dry containers: Dry containers are characterized by the fact that dry goods are transported through a dry cargo cargo company that is not damaged by exposure to high temperatures, dry containers are available in three different sizes, namely, 20 feet and cargo is placed inside with a payload of no more than 15 tons / 40 feet normal and the goods are stored inside with a payload of no more than 30 tons / 40 feet and has a high ceiling and is characterized by the normal 40 feet of cargo storage inside the ship.
  • Refrigerated containers: Containers with special equipment to cool the goods and are adjusted to a certain degree to suit all types of goods, and are used with damaged goods exposed to high temperatures, all kinds of food, and the container is also available 20 feet / 40 feet.
  • Open roof containers: These containers have an exposed ceiling, and are intended to transport goods that are more than the height of closed containers, or to transport goods from the top of the container and which are not accessible in front of them within the enclosed containers, of which 20 feet /40 feet are also available.
  • There are many other container types that are used to transport liquid-containing goods that have no walls or ceilings that are flat but are less common.

Cargo carriers and dry cargo cargo company – Call Now – 98870090

The cargo companies, led by a dry cargo cargo company, have the largest fleet of trucks in order to provide all types of freight, and the company is characterized by the possession of storage means characterized by

Completely safe, and operate sought insurance services on all goods but this is done at the customer’s request, and the company always strives to provide all guarantees that guarantee you the safety of the shipment and that it will be delivered without any occurrence

No damage.

There are multiple container-use systems within cargo carriers, there are two container shipping methods, the first is a complete container load, which is fully leased to be shipped

The goods, known as FCL, the second method is a certain area that is determined to be shipped into the container and is called a less load of a container known as LCL.

It should also be noted that these containers must be maintained periodically so that they are not damaged by various climate factors and are subject to shocks, which occurs during the shipment of goods or when

unloaded from containers.

Shipping companies, dry cargo company

The company aims to ship dry goods and always strives to be all its dealings with the utmost respect and dealing according to several standards and make firm promises, as always a company shipping dry goods to follow the systems

The various that maintain the environment and its safety and all natural resources, and work to provide equipment and machinery its security to ensure the safe transport and storage of shipments within their places, and strive to always upgrade

The level of the company and its development and work on the success of each of the successful young models within it.

A dry cargo cargo company always strives to provide different packaging systems, so that shipments are packaged to ensure their safety upon delivery, and different company-specific regulations are applied on how shipments are transported and stored.

In certain ways to make sure that it is not damaged, the company weighs the goods and estimates the price of shipping based on its weight, and the company provides the possibility of follow-up the shipment by communicating with customer service within

The company to ensure that the shipment arrives on time, and the company performs full control over the goods to ensure that they arrive safely and works to deliver them as much as possible and always keen to deal within

The laws and customs policies of the state and dealing legally and credibly.

In the end we say that dry cargo company is a distinct company in terms of the various shipping services that it provides, working to obtain customer satisfaction and constant care to gain their trust always, and must when

A shipping company wants you to choose a shipping company that ensures the safety and security of the shipment in order to reach the place to be shipped to it, and to ensure the credibility of the company and the extent of its expertise in the field.

Land shipping company from Kuwait to Iraq – Call Now – 98870090

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