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Air cargo companies in Kuwait – 98870090

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Air cargo companies in Kuwait – Call Now – 98870090


Air cargo companies in Kuwait will explain to you in this article about the best air cargo companies in Kuwait, as we live today in an era of

advanced and full of technology and information, and this has led to the smallness of the whole world and made it like one city, because of

the openness that we see in our time between continents and the whole world, because of the technology and the Internet that made people

sell and buy products online, and that is why the shipping companies appeared, and the transport of goods from one country to another.


Air cargo companies in Kuwait

Air cargo companies in Kuwait


There is an air freight sector in Kuwait, located at Kuwait International Airport, which operates within 24 hours and consists of two buildings:

  1. Issued shipping terminal.
  2. Incoming shipping building.

This sector operates with a distinctive system called full shift system, and this system provides customer service for 24 hours;


Equipment and equipment available at an air freight company in Kuwait


Equipment and equipment available in the Kuwaiti air freight sector include:

  • Refrigerators.
  • Room for dangerous materials and explosives.
  • The freezer for ice cream.
  • Storage shelves.
  • Shaded area of perishable products.
  • Device to load containers.
  • Rooms for radioactive materials.
  • The place is also equipped with cameras to secure it.

Follow-up of Kuwaiti air freight


There are many units that follow air cargo units in Kuwait, including:

  1. There is a shipping schedule.
  2. Find out what’s missing.Air cargo companies in Kuwait
  3. The ability to control speed.
  4. Follow-up shipping after flights.
  5. Make a schedule to coordinate and arrange flight times with other external terminals, in order to determine the capacity and load, all through the automated shipping system section.

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How to book shipments in the sector of an air cargo company in Kuwait


There is a section in the Kuwaiti air cargo sector, called Capacity Control, which controls the volume of outbound and inbound shipments;

  1. Trucks that are without a document.
  2. The presence of shipments came by mistake.
  3. Incomplete shipments arrive.
  4. Lost documents.
  5. Missing trucks.Air cargo companies in Kuwait
  6. The presence of shipments that have not been found, their original location in the warehouse.

These discrepancies are dealt with by the missing units and the after-flight follow-up (incoming and outbound).


New available services in the shipping sector


New services available in the Kuwaiti air freight sector are:

  • Purchase of equipment to detect hazardous radioactive materials, for the safety of passengers.
  • The development of the computer system (FAST 4), where this system automates all the shipment documents automatically, to facilitate and complete the work in a short time.
  • Run voice information system, a service created for private information about mobile shipments.
  • Purchase of VISI, a device that provides information about customer shipments, by entering the policy number, without referring to any employee.Air cargo companies in Kuwait
  • Activate The Waiting System (Q-MATIC SYSTEM): a system located in the document delivery room, where it regulates the delivery of documents to customers.
  • Create a bar code service: a service to get a numbered label for shipment.

There are also many plans to develop this equipment.


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Conditions for obtaining a license to practice types of shipping


There are many conditions for obtaining a license to practice all types of air and land freight, including:

  • The refore, the need for a new system of international law is not a matter of concern.
  • The office shall be affiliated with the International Federation’s Cass Financial Settlement Organization.
  • Staff working in the office must be highly qualified, must have at least one certificate in an air freight training course, or have at least two years of experience in air freight.
  • The director with the office must have a specialized course in hazardous materials and this course is called D G R, and must have a certificate of experience from air cargo airlines, or experience from 5 to 10 years in air cargo offices, he must have considerable experience in this field.Air cargo companies in Kuwait
  • No one who engages in any business activity without a license, approval from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation and licensed by the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
  • The General Directorate of Civil Aviation must receive a sum of money, which is KD 300, in exchange for the inspection, modification or renewal of the license.


Air cargo companies in Kuwait customs clearance company – Call Now – 98870090


  • There are many cargo carriers and shipping companies in Kuwait with all the components and services that made it one of the largest shipping, transportand customs clearance companies.
  • Best Cargo Carriers: Kuwait has the lowest prices for goods transport, and it is equipped with the best services, punctuality, and accuracy at work, which makes it win the largest number of customers from all over the world.
  • Shipping companies: Kuwait has the largest shipping companies, equipped with the best services and technologies, for safety, speed of execution and accuracy in delivery time.Air cargo companies in Kuwait
  • Fastest air freight companies: Air cargo companies in Kuwait, one of the best in the whole world, because they are equipped with many services, technologies and continuous developments, punctuality, and maintaining the safety and safety of shipping and products, in order to ensure the earning of customers, and maintain transactions between them.
  • Land Transport companies: Kuwait has the best land transport company, equipped with the highest services, the largest technology, and a large number of labor with great experience, accuracy in delivering on time, in order to attract the largest number of customers from all over the world, where Kuwait deals with many countries in different places and continents of the whole world such as delivery to Britain, Egypt, Iraq and many other countries, as the shipping and transport companies in Kuwait are among the best companies in the whole world.


Vision Direct LogisticsIn this way, we will conclude with this article, and we hope to have provided you with the best air freight companies in Kuwait, as Kuwait has

a distinguished group of the best shipping and transportation companies in the Arab world and the world and always strives to progress to

attract customers from all over the world.Air cargo companies in Kuwait

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