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Shipping Services

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Shipping Services

A shipping services company plays a key role in the rapid and professional transport and shipment of products, and the role of a shipping services company is not limited to merely

The selection of ships that will transport the goods, but also interested in monitoring the arrival of shipments to the place to be delivered efficiently and on time,

In this article, we will present everything related to shipping.

Shipping concept by shipping services company

Shipping is to carry out the transfer of products and goods from one country to another using naval vessels through international ports, and shipping is carried by

Shipping services of the oldest types of shipping and transport in the world, shipping operations have witnessed a significant development throughout history, starting with ships

Old primitive sailing down to giant steamers and giant fleets to transport goods across nations, the great powers seek to possess naval fleets to activate

The movement of trade has the movement of markets and the sale and purchase, shipping is considered one of the fundamentals of trade and the global economy and there are land transport companies and shipping companies

Joey also carries out the tasks of transporting goods and products.

Key steps in shipping through a shipping services company

  1. Shipping orders are the first step in the shipping process, and the shipping request responsible for the shipment is submitted to the ship's agent at the seaport,
  2. All basic data on the shipment must be guaranteed 
  3. Cargo permits are certified by the first officer of the ship and are approved for receipt of the cargo on the ship.
  4. The shipping policy, the written document through which the goods are transported, is the most important document during the transfer process where it acts as a title deed of the contents of the shipment
  5.  In addition to being proof of the transfer process and its terms, it is also an important credit instrument in the event of any problem, god forbid, of the shipment is the proof of the insurance company. The basic data of the shipment, such as the shipment number, the name of the ship, the shipment, the name and number of the ship, the port of shipment and the port of arrival, the details and weights of the goods, the date of arrival of the shipment, and the date of arrival of the shipment must be stated in the insurance policy.


Types of vessels used in a shipping services company

Ships for the transport of general cargo are the most widespread and usually have more than one deck, so that the goods are easily stored and stacked and the goods are in boxes

Or kratin and barrels of food grain transport vessels such as wheat, barley, grains and grains, and are equipped with special equipment to protect grains from moisture and damage, where

The carriage takes place in a round and there are dividers made of wood.


Perishable food cargo ships equipped with giant refrigerators to store food products such as fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy and cheese

Others, of course, are temperature adjustable depending on the products to be transported.


Live animal and livestock transport vessels are characterized by special equipment and good ventilation, moderate temperatures and wards to feed and treat animals and also contain

Corridors to facilitate the entry and exit of animals from the ship.

For transportation of petroleum materials and oils.


 Ships dedicated to the transportof natural gas, where if the gas fields are close to the consumption areas, pipelines are extended for direct use, and in case

Gas fields were far from consumption areas, using special types of ships equipped to transport gas.


Criteria for selecting a shipping services company


  1. The capabilities enjoyed by the company is the first criterion for the selection of the shipping company, where large shipping companies are required to have multiple types of ships to transport various types of cargo in addition to the availability of a large number of shipping and shipping equipment as well as the availability of a fleet of cars to facilitate the transport of goods to and from ports.
  2. The availability of distinctive customer service in shipping services company is one of the most fundamental elements of the success of the shipping company, where the need to pay attention to communicate professionally with customers to follow the shipments and quickly solve problems and deal professionally with various complaints.
  3. Prices are the most important criterion choosing a shipping company that offers shipping services where the customer seeks to choose the company that will provide him with the lowest price and best quality, with the aim of achieving the largest profit margin.
  4. Compliance with the agreed dates in the delivery and receipt of various goods, and is considered the standard from which the company derives its reputation in the field of shipping.
  5. The obligation to deliver shipments in their original condition without any damage or loss, with attention to packaging and good packaging of products to suit the nature of each product. There are shipping companies in Kuwait that provide shipping and delivery services and offer other special services.


The tasks of a shipping services company


Provide cars that transport goods to the cargo port when sending the cargo, and provide cars to transport goods at the receiving port also sort and inspect products

And the goods to be transported, determine the mode of transport, and in the case of the presence of sensitive or breakable goods the company must do the packaging and good canning of the product

Taking into account not to be broken or damaged during the shipping and transport process.

Suitable for transporting goods according to its type and ensuring that it reaches an excellent condition, the shipping company will complete all shipping procedures and clear customs

Customs clearance companies are also available to terminate these procedures.


Advantages of using technology in shipping operations

There is no doubt that technology is now the language of the times, and technology serves different fields for the benefit of human beings, we find that technology has helped a lot in

Shipping areas where customers now rely on technology to communicate with a cargo carrier to follow shipments in a modern electronic manner and applications on

Mobile phones to follow the shipping and delivery steps, in addition to relying on the internet, emails and websites to get

Offers from different companies and trade-offs between them to get the best deals at the most appropriate prices for customers.


We are now witnessing a new era of development in which we are witnessing shipping operations using smart ships equipped with the latest advanced equipment to ensure the delivery of cargo

different in a safe way without being exposed to any losses.


Modern technology is also used to help calculate the cost of shipping to different products, through a simple calculator provided by companies on

Their websites to provide different bids, which helps the customer choose the special offer that suits them, saving customers a lot of

Time and effort.


Thus, dear reader, we have briefed you on everything related to a shipping services company, the basic steps that the shipping process is going through, in addition to

Different types of vessels used in shipping, criteria for selecting a suitable shipping services company, in addition to the tasks performed by companies


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